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The gift card

The Jacadi Gift Card is a wonderful way to make the most thoughtful gifts: the one that will be exactly perfect … because each and every one will be able to use it to offer itself exactly the dress or the accessory for baby or child it was necessary! It is sometimes difficult to choose a newborn gift or a birthday present for a child or a baby. How to know what parents already have; what they would like to see their children wear; what they intend – or not! – to reuse from older siblings? With a gift card, Jacadi offers you the choice! A nice gesture, thoughtful attention, plus, freedom!

Offer a Jacadi Gift Card , this is the opportunity to discover the beautiful leathers of our children’s shoes; the delicate details of our dresses and skirts for girls; the soft materials of our baby pyjamas. An open door to a world of softness and kindness, elegance and refinement.

Available in stores only